Unfortunately, all I know about Australian beer is Fosters. I had a few cans of it in my early days of beer exploration and have since forgotten about it. I’ve not explored any other offerings from the land Down Under. But craft beer is exploding there as it is around the world.

Check out the infographic below, provided by Richard Kelsey of Australia’s Beer Cartel.  It covers some highlights of their recent craft beer survey, which revealed to me the identity of several breweries in that country and seems like a starting place to research more about Australian beer.  It’s refreshing to see that IPA is not the #1 beer consumed in the country (though it is #2).  My joy at that statistic may simply be personal preference, but, still, good show mates.   Sours only show up at the #12 spot on the consumption list, with 37% of the survey loving them.  A little education and the beer drinkers might come around.  (Fine, the IPA was #1 on the list which showed beer drinkers favorite beer style.  Sounds like peer pressure to me.)

Some other factoids in the survey results that are not reflected in the graphic:

  •  Australians are convinced they make the best beer in the world – is anyone really surprised at that? – and they think the USA is next best.
  • 33% of craft beer drinkers are homebrewers – fantastic, let that number grow!
  • 42% of them belong to some kind of beer appreciation club (beer of the month, etc.)

And for fellow bloggers, here are the top five Australian beer blogs, as voted on by the craft beer drinkers there:

  1. The Beer Pilgrim
  2. 250 Beers
  3. Radio Brews News
  4. Ale of A Time
  5. Girl + Beer

Check out the Beer Cartel website for more cool Aussie beer news.


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