The Beer Nut provided a detailed description of the “banana milkshake” weissbier called Patronus.  I hope his ensuing headache was not terrible.

Jessica and Ray of Boak and Bailey reminisce about their introduction to German wheat beers via Ayinger.  They pick up the same themes as our good Beer Nut, namely that banana profile and hangover headaches.

The eminent Stan Hieronymus of Appellation Beer revisited his book Brewing With Wheat and the Brauerei Gasthof Schneider.  That visit provided the best quote to support my continued bottle conditioning, so thanks Stan & Josef!  Also, he details the decoction mash schedule and fermentation temperatures that I just briefly mentioned in my post.

Derrick Peterman at Ramblings of a  Beer Runner reminded me that gose is a wheat beer I’d probably like since it has sour inclinations.  In addition to that he delineates the difference between authentic German beers and the translations of them in Northern California.

Alan McLeod has A Good Beer Blog and therein he tells us he had several hefeweizen’s many years ago.  His evaluations are piercing and laughable.  No, not laughable.  Humorous.  Jocose.  Funny.  My bad.  Anyway,  I enjoyed his reviews and have a list of more beers to try.  Thanks!

I can’t even pronounce the title of Fuggled’s contribution, but it’s enjoyable to read about not polluting a canal, drunken evangelists, and some wheat beer history in relation to the Czech Republic.  And perhaps home brewing was inspired again.

Jack Perdue gives us some Deep Beer thoughts with a beer style delineation which includes what has to be my favorite reference to beer glassware. Marilyn Monroe indeed. Cheers, Jack, cheers. There are other words in his article but I stopped at Marilyn.

Thanks again to all who wrote and read. The next Session is still open, waiting for a topic.

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