If you visit the legendary B3 on a Friday it’s likely you’ll be listening to the more legendary Def Leppard blasting through the speakers. I like to think I had a small part to play in that and, to be sure, no one stops mocking me about it. So be it. Oh, so I’ll pass on this quotation from the most vocal of the Black Bridge bartenders. About the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Def Leppard, he Saudi:  “Incredibly tight musically. Stellar harmonies. Longtime friends and inspirations for Queen. I can respect them.”

He’s no super fan but he gets it. 

Tonight, June 1, is the 80s Party at Black Bridge. The Swillers are playing and I hope they do a cover of some Def Lep song in honor of the decade that rocked the hardest.

I also know there will be a new beer on tap for tonight. It’s called Swillsner. An imperial Pilsner it is and pretty easy to drink.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot to it. It’s a deep yellow golden color, looks a lot like Go to Helles, in fact. Maybe, maybe a shade more yellow? I could be reaching. The similarity ends there. It has a slight toasty aroma and is a little perfumy. Needs further clarity but it was rushed for delivery to the 80s Party so, pass given. 

Clean but not quite crisp, finishes without malice and doesn’t bomb you out of your mind right off. However, be cautious – it is 9% in alcohol. The grain bill is solid, noble hops are present if not spotlighted and it really is a beer to be, well, swilled.

So, rise up, gather round, rock B3 to the ground.

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