Last year this article was written in recognition of the five year anniversary of Black Bridge Brewery. Upon review it was determined the five favorites did not need to be altered; only a sixth beer needs be added to the list. To be sure, the forthcoming Brut IPA anniversary beer was not sampled for inclusion in these rankings. It will get its chance for year seven.

Hop Intolerance

This double IPA is everything a DIPA should be – subtle, yet powerful; malty, but not too heavy; enticingly drinkable. It is a worthy peer of Pliny the Elder, the nation-famous DIPA from Russian River. It is an unexpected addition but the beer is close to perfect.

Locomotive Stout

Alas, this stout is no more.  It contained a ridiculous amount of hops and a ridiculous amount of roasted grain, according to Mr Schritter.  It was an aberration which was ridiculously dry and ridiculously tasty, exhibiting precisely the right amount of body and session-level alcohol content. 

Wicked Poison

It looks like an unassuming, delicate pint of pilsner with a hint of turbidity but Wicked Poison is a disingenuous wheat wine and it’s alcohol content, combined with an ephemeral drinkability, will bring you to a reckoning if you are not careful.   While your local brewers do not personally like the beer, there is no arguing that it is still talked about six years on and almost everyone else in Kingman loves the brew.  It is actually a good gateway beer – wine drinkers, especially, and many who just don’t think they like beer will consume some Wicked Poison and the scales fall from their eyes.  The beer adventure begins.

80 Shilling

This quiet little Scottish export style beer is truly an unassuming selection. A sanguine color, sustainable collar, malty sweetness and smell of light caramel and toast make it an easy beer to love and drink.  It’s been on tap from the beginning, it seems.  Never bad, never off, always fantastic.

Scorched Earth

Evil Red, a hoppy amber IPA, was subverted into, quite possibly, the finest pepper beer ever. Scorched Earth boasts an idiotic amount of habanero and ghost chili’s. Despite that it is palatable, though it takes a little while to drink a pint and it numbs your lips.

Legend of Tom

This one is a coffee porter originally made with green coffee beans that had been aged in a spirits barrel. It has a descent alcohol level and luscious coffee scent. It’s only been on tap twice but it was brilliantly done both times. 

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