Long have I considered wheat beers to be an appropriate drink for the Southwest. They are refreshing, light on the palate, digestive and they are the color of summer – and it seems to be always Summer in the Southwest.

Hefeweizen is the name you probably associate with wheat beers. It can also be labeled Weissbier, Weiss, weizen, Hefe Weissbier – I think you get the idea. It’s German. It’s made with wheat.

Flying Hamburger is a dunkles weissbier, a “dark, white beer.” I think it’s the inherent contradiction that makes this beer so interesting. It still adheres to the characteristics of weissbier, only it’s not the color of summer.

Your premier local brewery is still filling growlers. This beer is a good choice. It’ll keep you happy and you can stay sober as you work on the quarantine to-do list.

Brewery: Black Bridge
ABV: 5.5%
Style: Dunkles Weissbier
Serving: Growler
Bottled Roger Rating: 93%

Begin At the Beginning (Aroma)
Yeast. And bread crust. So that’s pretty much correct.

And Go On (Appearance)
Creamy brown body, light brown. Frothy, tan head. Fluffy, large bubbles. Leaves good legs on the glass.

Till You Come to the End (Taste)
Slight banana, lots of tingly carbonation, with some spiciness. I’m going to say that’s a bit of clove. Medium body, soft once the CO2 dissipates.

Then Stop (Conclusions)
Terribly enjoyable. All the right proportions working in harmony. Easy to drink, won’t intoxicate too quickly, flavorful without being heavy. Leaves you with the desire for another and what better compliment can there be?

I recently compelled two friends to do a blind tasting of three dunkelweizen’s, one of them being Flying Hamburger. Those results will be in the next post.

Oh, and the name? Flying Hamburger was the name of a train that ran between Berlin and Hamburg beginning in the early 1930s. It is no longer in service.

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