Ships were searched by temperance zealots, rum dumped into the sea, muskets loosed, people tarred-and-feathered, but the establishment of breweries could not be stopped.

The World Guide to Beer by Michael Jackson


Nor were they brewmasters, and so came to the brewhouse without any firm ideas about how the beer ought to look or taste.

   – Regarding nineteenth century brewers Pabst and Busch and Uihlien. 
Excerpt From: Ogle, Maureen. “Ambitious Brew.” Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (

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Craft Beer Magazine

The craft beer revolution has been successful. The rebels have gained the sympathy of the public; the empire of macro-beers is cracking. So keep drinking craft beer, keep home brewing.

Admittedly, I have not gouged the time to brew out of my schedule. But I may as well read about it, right? The iPad restarted my reading habit, especially in connection with magazines, beer magazines.

Okay, fine, I’ve only got three right now. Whatever. Let me speak of one: Craft Beer Magazine.

Here’s what I liked about it: brevity. The articles are bare bones, succinct. If you’ve been using e-reader apps (like iBooks) for any time at all you’ll be familiar with how to use this app. Still, it opens with a one page tutorial. Then there’s the contents and then the first article which is a concise history of the Revolution (craft beer revolution that is). That’s right, no letters from editors or any other introductory material.

There are a few more articles, all very terse, that cover craft beer’s global rise, the science of canning, a beer app, beer and health, beer cooking (including a beef stew recipe) and a beer review to wrap things up. Also included is the first episode of a new web series called Brew Age, capturing craft beer makers in the San Francisco area. And there are some informative pictographs.

Its so compact it seems more like a newsletter than a magazine. In this age of blogs perhaps the content is appropriate. However, while it makes the magazine a quick read it does mean it lacks some color, some verve.  (However, the beer review did give me a beer to explore).

If you’re expecting information on formulating home brew recipes or the like, this is not your magazine. But, if you like beer appreciation, if you want to read shout outs to expanding and up and coming breweries, and maybe get a little bit of beer news, Craft Beer Magazine could work for you.

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