One of the Most Important Inventories

I have in my refrigerator: 1/2 growler of 80 Shilling from Black Bridge Brewery 1 growler of Sofie from Goose Island


Rumors of a New Podcast

I have seven podcast subscriptions. Three of them are monthly magazines, two are dedicated to language, one of those being the podcast version of A Way With Words, a brilliant show that utterly changed the way I viewed grammar and dialect.  Number seven is Mission Log, a show all about Star Trek. Yes, I am…

Inversion IPA by Deschutes Brewery

It is a national favorite. It is the elite of the craft beer styles, people are all agog over it. This India Pale Ale style has yet to convince me that it deserves such adulation but, since I pretend to be liberal and tolerant, I allow it opportunity. Herein lies my impressions of Deschutes' Inversion…