Beer Journaling


December 21

-somewhere in the desert

The Week draws close now; the Week of willing sequestration wherein I will eschew all social things.  Responsibility will be a shadow seeking life at high noon.  I shall be a veritable hermit reveling in silence and nothingness.  Now, family is inviolable so my immediate relations will still have access to me.  I have not yet decided how this will affect my relations with John Barleycorn at the local malty grotto.  But I know I shall be in the company of beer whether by visitation of the local, rushing the growler, or my own fine home brew.  Mayhaps I’ll take the time to re-examine beers I have rejected in the past.  The dreaded industrial beers.  Since I’ve been told these past two years that I am a “beer snob” and “self-important” and “judgmental” I feel it may be time to Star Trek my beer universe.  Does “infinite diversity in infinite combinations” hold true in the vast frontier of beer?

It seems, to be sure, that home made neck oil will rule the day.  At home I have two batches bottled and waiting.  One is called Shistory and it is a black(ish) saison.  The black pepper is unmistakable upon warming.  The other beer is called Old Ben and it is a clone of Guinness Stout, without the well known nitrogen.  It is slightly creamy and a little toasty and very tasty.  In addition to drinking said home brewed beers I’ve got ingredients shipped for to make an additional two batches.  One of those batches will be a modification of the stout mentioned above, Old Ben.  Instead of using stout malt for the base I will use Rahr 2-row.  I am intrigued to discover what the difference may be, however subtle.  The other beer will be a Belgian blonde produced with pilsner malt and flaked barley and a Belgian yeast.




Brewsed on Wednesday

Yesterday was a mental disaster. I do not foresee today being an improvement as it will require a large payment for a car repair. Let the brewsing begin …

  • I made my own coffee this morning (picture forthcoming)
  • Checked the various scheduling screens in the plant via VNC
  • Ran the daily production sheets
  • 30 minutes went by and I started work on my "Current Projects" list
  • Gathered updates on deliveries, sent out emails requesting ETA’s
  • Another 30 minutes and now I’m perusing my normal To-Do list
  • Inventoried the hazardous waste items that need to be picked up
  • Started reviewing blanket POs
  • Now I’m going through the piles on my desk
  • Put some parts away
  • Delivered some delivery notes
  • Filed a thing or two
  • Entered a requisition for a sensor cable
  • Received a lovely broken part
  • Updated a fork lift spreadsheet
  • Responded to and filed email
  • Organized some parts bins and shelves
  • Wrote down parts info to make more labels with
  • Went back to updating scheduling/production spreadsheets
  • Verified current equipment line up
  • Checked process time
  • Received a request for a thermostat
  • Was told to re-write a budget
  • Re-wrote said budget
  • Was asked to do some OT; normally I’m ok with that but can’t do it today. Guess I’ll be in early tomorrow …
  • It is the timing of the lunch now
  • Checked in tires
  • Had to review any past recovery of refrigerant
  • Had to check current production
  • Discussed possible scheduling plans
  • Had to check with our other plant on a chiller
  • Checked in more tires
  • Started my new "audits"
  • Had to leave, got a haircut coming up …

A Twelve Two Brewsing

Yesterday did, indeed, end with freshly brewed iced tea.

And then today started.

  • Yes, the other car was low on water; it obviously has a leak. Oh, good! I had so hoped that was the case since I’m already spending over $1000 on the Honda! Thanks!!
  • Ran the production reports
  • Vendor arrived to drop off some fire extinguishers
  • Went to the floor and verified some tooling changes that need to be made
  • Also made some adjustments to schedule based on production requirements for yesterday
  • Picked up two new requests for parts
  • Had to re-check my pro-card statement
  • Watched representatives from another vendor gather in the parking lot
  • Deleted some emails, answered some others
  • Felt like my time is not being used well since I keep getting interrupted
  • Called into conference call
  • The day is crrreeeeeepipping by …
  • Registered at a website for calibration
  • Set a timer to help me go through all my tasks
  • Processed most of the "a" projects
  • Finally called for a diagnosis on a pressure gauge that’s been sitting on my desk for days
  • Discovered that Pandora is better for work than TED talks
  • Checked on a double-shipped part; couldn’t find it
  • Ordered some belts
  • Sorted through email
  • Lost and extra $360 for car repairs. Yeah! Was sooooooo hoping that would happen!!
  • Disgusted and depressed, I went to lunch
  • Called a vendor to follow up on an order – no info yet
  • Searched through old orders to find wrist supports and gloves
  • Re-prioritized some to-do’s
  • Handled some more emails from six days ago; not quite caught up yet. The timer is really helping.
  • Cataloged new fork lifts
  • Updated an annual inspection/replacement spreadsheet
  • Discussed the management
  • Verified the receipt/non-receipt of some equipment
  • Did other stuff, can’t remember completely cuz I’m too distracted/upset about the dang vehicular situation!

The First Day of December’s Brewsing

First, a beer recap.

Friday night Beer Date with the wife:

  • Headed to Black Bridge around 4 pm
  • Since we’ve been going for a while I asked the bartender her name (Nicole) and introduced the me and the wife as I ordered an Evil Red for the me and a Katastrophic Humiliation for the wife
  • Evil Red is a red in the vein of Red Chair from Deschutes and Flipside from Sierra Nevada; i.e., a new “northwest pale ale”. Only in the Southwest. I like it far more than I should. Katastrophic Humiliation is a barley wine style ale. It is well done if a little light in color for my taste. I also dislike the name, spelling and all. Doesn’t stop me from drinking it, of course.
  • Sister in law showed up, enough said. But, hey, she can be cool and she did buy me beer.
  • Had some more Evil Red and their new Stresstout. It was a perfect imperial stout, as they say – thick, creamy head, heavy body, coffee foundation, high alcohol. Loved it.

And now, the day’s brewsing:

  • My wife put coffee on
  • I didn’t get ready in time to enjoy a cup at home, had to settle for the to-go
  • Ran the production summaries
  • Updated the queries in the spreadsheet to now collect data for December
  • Finished some month end inventory summaries
  • Organized parts bins
  • Called Ambient Edge to look at our heater – it was only a belt
  • Coordinated a material shipment
  • Updated environmental reports
  • Updated weekly operating supply inventory
  • Added to my To-Do list
  • Finished coffee early today
  • Created a bill of lading for a shipment
  • Queued up purchase requisitions that need to be converted to purchase orders
  • Entered material into computer
  • Loaded some items on UPS Freight truck
  • Went to lunch
  • Returned from lunch
  • Switched Pandora stations – from Sixx AM Radio to Joe Satriani Radio; Satch Radio is becoming my go-to station
  • Started converting POs
  • Fought with a stupid spreadsheet
  • Found out some special production requirements for the month; nearly passed out cuz it’s gonna be tough – short month
  • Called about calibrations
  • Reviewed some open POs
  • Discussed casings with Distribution
  • Ordered some storeroom items
  • Scanned old documents and tossed them in recycle bin
  • Made alterations to old POs for the sake of GRs
  • Still updating production spreadsheets
  • I need a beer, but it’s not Friday; craving Evil Red …
  • Found another good workday Pandora station: Gorillaz Radio
  • Was informed about yet another production increase
  • Still not done sorting out all my email
  • Worked on corporate production plan for December
  • Got a request for a spare part, a cable of some kind
  • Updated a parts list

I think I’ve had enough.

I hope there is sweet, iced tea at home. That sounds refreshing right now.