2016-11-18 Beer Recommendations

On tap at Black Bridge Brewery that you need this weekend:

  • Wagonwheel – an American brown ale, beautifully colored – with enticing red highlights – and tasting of late fall. It makes you want to just sit, relax, contemplate. Medium body, a little caramel and some nutty flavors (as in the edible part of a tree, etc., not the street roaming eccentrics). Superb.
  • Locomotive – it’s a stout, cuz black beers matter!  Deeply dark, heavily roasted, a masterpiece.   The Darth Vader of stouts. Seriously, epic music should begin when this is tapped.

Guest taps are available:  Mr Pineapple from SanTan (this one is meh, in my opinion, though generally their beers are stellar) and Big Blue Van from College Street in Lake Havasu. This beer seems to be one that has polarized peeps into two camps, the Lovers and the Haters.  I love it. A great wheat beer, refreshing, with blue berries. They pull it off magnificently. Three bucks for guest taps, y’all. Come have a drink.

Couple these beers with an uncritical atmosphere and a PERFECT soundtrack for a Friday – Def Leppard radio, the ultimate 80s rock music! – and you will  be able to completely decompress from your week of labor!

And be good to your bartenders for the night, Jen and Lee!  (Thanks for the tunes, Jen!)




Beer notes on Fat Bastard, Stout Chocula and 80 Shilling

Here are some old beer notes.  It had been my goal when I made them to turn them into beer reviews, but I was prevented in various ways.  These are all Black Bridge beers, perhaps these unadulterated notes will provide a semblance of guidance to beer drinkers.

Fat Bastard
Aged two years in rum barrel.  Inspired by Innis & Gunn Wee Heavy.
They age in Carribbean rum barrels.  B3 ages in Diamond Distillery rum barrels.

Innis says their wee heavy is “surprisingly light.”  Not the the case for Fat Bastard.  Heavy, thick body.

Rum is completely prominent. In the nose, in the body, aftertaste. Like a rum cake, really. Bready dough sopped up with rum. A little vanilla there in the back, a specter.

Beauty color, ruby red.

Warm. Seriously a good winter beer but I’ll drink it now (September).

Uses imported Scottish malt for authenticity.

Stout Chocula
Perfectly dark as a stout should be.
It is dry, not arid really, it’s the Mohave vs the Sahara.
The chocolate is discernible in the nose and the body. Nicely done.

80 Shilling
Goes right good with spaghetti. Surprisingly. Me not like spaghetti
Moderate body. Nice foam, but not aggressive carbonation

As we’re sipping away on a glass of stout or Merlot, we probably take for granted our ability to digest the alcohol in the drink.

Generally I post my favorite sentence of the day on my other blog, Beautiful Sentences. But I felt this one deserved to be put here instead. After all, it’s my favorite of the day because it mentions beer; stout to be precise. A particular reason I enjoyed this sentence from an NPR article is that the beer is mentioned before the wine.

Our time has come.

Brew on.

Lunch at College Street Brewhouse & Pub

Up on a hill, parking is a little confusing but not terribly.

It is family friendly.

Big Blue Van served with blueberries in the glass. Don’t know that they add flavor but they add to the presentation. Makes a fun game trying to snag a blueberry.

Jesse’s Lager is heavy and clean with a hops void. I think I love this beer.

We had for lunch: chicken caprese wrap, margherita pizza, and pirate johns BLT. Sweet a Devil Stout was a surprising compliment to the BLT. Gotta be the smokiness. I know I love it. One of the best stouts ever. Ever.

Tall building
Gordon Biersch-y
Patio looks cool

Brewhouse is stainless and utterly gorgeous. Utterly.

No readily available beer menu, like a board it something. Gotta rely on servers. They’re not bad.

Food is fantastic!

Their Octoberfest is … Well, there is a bitter aftertaste that I’m not happy with. Good color, great head, but that hops at the end … Dunno. Not happy with it.

Conclusion: nice place. Would I come here again? Yes.

Is it better than Mudshark, the other Lake Havasu brewery?


Sweet Devil is one of the best stouts ever. Big Blue Van is more intriguing and refreshing than it has any right to be. But Full Moon is the Einstein of wit beers and Mudshark’s atmosphere is far more liberated.








Weekend Beer Picks

The week has been never-ending. But not a cool never-ending. I mean, there was no flying dog named Falkor anywhere. Of course, I do think that the Nothing was dogging my desk.

Since I am fleeing the Nothing, therefore, I need a powerful beer to ally myself with; a stout warrior,a sit were.

Ah, stout.

Old Rasputin was recommended to me. I find this a savory choice. I shall seek it out. Sierra Nevada Stout continues to manifest itself in my mind. Perhaps that needs to be tried as well.

What other stouts can I have? Leave a comment.