Barrel Aged Barley-wine

“Too much going on to understand.”  That’s about all I could manage to write about my first pint of this barrel aged Katastrophic Humiliation.  I didn’t think it could get better; this was outstanding.  All the barley-wine characteristics are present - caramel, dark fruit, alcohol -  and enhanced by bourbon.


The Barrels

The barrels are on cradles in a back corner of Black Bridge Brewery by the roll up door leading to the patio.  One looks charred and beaten, the other is oakishly white and new-ish.  Both contain beers - as you would expect in a brewery.  The weathered barrel is a from a 10 year old…

The First Day of December’s Brewsing

First, a beer recap. Friday night Beer Date with the wife: Headed to Black Bridge around 4 pm Since we've been going for a while I asked the bartender her name (Nicole) and introduced the me and the wife as I ordered an Evil Red for the me and a Katastrophic Humiliation for the wife…