The ill feelings caused by Hodgon’s business practices drove Indian merchants to the Burton breweries for their more ethical business practices and more consistent beer supply. 

IPA: Brewing Techniques, Recipes and the Evolution of India Pale Ale by Mitch Steele
A bittersweet sentence, I say. Both a warning about bad business ethics, which the beer world continues to have, and a harbinger of the need for consistency 


Support Brewland, an Independent Beer Documentary

Independent filmmaker Matthew Parola, of Rough Water Films, is in the midst of making a documentary called Brewland, which is all about the craft brewing scene.  The film appears to be an intriguing lens on the business and culture of beer, a movement that itself seems to be an adolescent seeking its own identity.  For so long a time home brewing and micro brewing were the resistance movement against the evil Empire of Big Beer.  Now the revolutionaries are bandying the corporate jargon – sustainability, market expansion, market saturation, and the dreaded “going forward” – of their long time nemeses.  Where do they belong in the world of beer?  Here, the filmmakers themselves, and associates, can brief you on their vision:

If you feel it’s worth a contribution (and it is), help them fund the film by visiting their IndieGoGo page.  As you can see from the videos they will have some premier brewers in front of the camera talking shop – Jim Koch from Sam Adams; Alan Newman from Magic Hat and John Kimmich from The Alchemist.

Grab a can of Heady Topper (if you can get it) and watch the teasers until you want to contribute.  You can also visit Brewland on Facebook and Rough Water Films on Facebook.

Show your support, Crafters!