Flight of the Cricket – Six Beers from Rickety Cricket

There are two breweries in Kingman.  I spend most of my beertime at Black Bridge.  It was the first and it is still my favorite.  However, I do need to spend some effort on Rickety Cricket’s beer.  After all, this blog is about the Beer World of Kingman.  And so, for you, the community, I have made sacrifices.  I have dedicated myself to drinking beer at more than one location.  You are welcome.

Upon arriving at Rickety Cricket you will be met by the smiling face of Nicole; if not, find out why – she is the bartender you want.  She knows beer and can provide good guidance on tap choices and stories about the local brews.

Now, the title of this blog post indicates I had six beers.  This is true, but I also decided to add one more.  I’d found these brief notes made during a dinner at the Cricket.  They are in regard to the Coffee Porter.  Terry had told me when it was debuting and I wanted to make sure to try it right away.

So, seven, seven beers!  Once again, you people types are welcome.

Coffee Porter:

Dark. Medium body. Good tan head. Head dissipates quick. Cold brew coffee added. From Beale St. Nice subdued addition. A little bitterness added but not too much. Subtle touch. Comes up on back end to add a nice touch to the porter. Elegant. Balanced.

Slight coffee aroma no hops evident. Brown porter. Gone before I knew it.

Rickety Cricket has eleven beers on tap, to my surprise.  I only expected six.  I only tried six.  Look!  More opportunities for me to diligently apply myself to the consumption of barley based libations for the betterment of all Kingman.  I feel so altruistic.

The Flight of the Cricket:

Anaconda Squeeze. Rebranded an IPA.  That works.  Danky hops, dry body, good legs.  Smells like the APA below. Much better now than it was a few weeks ago.

Angry Ex Girlfriend (once called a blond, now an American Pale Ale). Splendid aroma. Citrusy. A little chalky maybe? That could be me. This is better as an APA than it was a blond. Not hoppy enough to warrant “angry.”  But good.

Bearded Bagpipe.  Meh on the name. More meh on the taste.  I think this is a miss. There is a sharp, dark flavor I can’t quite figure out. But it’s not quite right.  It’s off in some way I can’t pin down here at the bar.

Porter. Roasted grain. Dark toasted flavor. Yeah, lost track of notes while drinking. Fantastic.

Stay Puft. A stout. Let’s see … nice. Lactic character at the end. Sugary.  A sweet stout to be sure.  Good color.

Bird Cage Blonde.  Well done. A little more hops than I anticipated but not bad at all. Dry but decent body. Great color. Impressed.

Overall, the beers seem solid, stable.

Anaconda Squeeze started life as New England IPA, but it wasn’t right at all.  Making it a straight IPA was a better idea, although I would have just kept it as is and left it as my American Pale Ale.  Angry Ex Girlfriend could have then be re-designed into Bird Cage, which is just a fabulous light, easy beer. What?  That would leave them without an IPA?  Oh, heaven forbid that a brewery exist that has no IPA!  What blasphemy!  But, anyway, my real point behind all that chatter is that Anaconda Squeeze has turned into a pretty good beer.

The Irish Red, however, the Bearded Bagpipe, was not so delectable.  It suffered from some temperature issues, I was told, resulting in a woody character that didn’t fit.  This round of that beer was not good at all, but Nicole says they’ll have more ready in about two weeks so I’ll give it another go then.

The porter was my favorite of the flight.  I’ve got a growler of it at home so I’ll spend some more time with that beer later.  There’s also a black IPA, a collaboration beer with Black Bridge, that I’d like to further study.


The Blond(e)

Thanks to OED I have a better grasp on the proper spelling of ‘blonde’ in context. On this blog, therefore, I shall restrict myself henceforth to the spelling “blond” for that is, evidently, the proper form when referring to an inanimate object.

Now I just need to fully grasp exactly what a blond ale is supposed to be. The joys of research are presaged.

A Glass of Friday – Red Shield by Worthington’s

This is a British beer so it should be accepting of sarcasm. Being humorous, this Red Shield has a label featuring a … red shield.  The cap, however, was all white shield.  It states on the label that this ale “celebrates fresh flavours.”  (Notice the fancy British spelling).  Now, I like to celebrate special events and noteworthy things.  So, their label message seems off.

One other disturbing factoid: the back label distinctly says “brewed by MolsonCoors.”  (Some mouthy labels, I’d say.)  I shivered – the fingers on the chalkboard, tooth grinding, scratch a plate with a fork, stuck in an portable toilet with no TP kind of shivering.  Let us press on.

In Appearance …
In a stroke of marketing genius this self-proclaimed blond ale is blond. Yes, yellowy, like straw, like that bumbling guy from a movie that featured some wizard by the name of Oz.   It looked witty, without the hazy wit tincture.

That Smell …
Diddly Whompus.  That means nothing.  Wait, allow me to rewrite that sentence.  Ahem.  That means “nothing.”

But the Taste …
It was very nearly candyish. I am certain I tasted some caramel. There was also bubble gum and cotton candy, rushing me back in time to my younger days as I wandered through dusty local carnivals.  It was a fun, carefree time.  There was also the slight slickness of a liqueur.

Join Me For A Plate Of …
Well, my best friend said this would go well with barbecue or lobster.  It has a sweetness that would complement spicy barbecue.  I don’t know, he’s the genius.

The Conclusion Of The Matter Is …
This blond is youthful, light, playful and bouncy.  And it makes me want to be British.