Weekend Beer Picks

There are still remnants of a Blue Moon sampler in my refrigerator.  They must not be allowed to survive the weekend.  Aside from that, what do I want?  What do you want? It's still warm in these parts, though the evenings are cooling off.  I need a mild and refreshing libation.  Something brewed with elan…


Weekend Beer Pics

Blue Moon sampler case. Cinnamon Horchata is the clear champion of this case.

Blue Moon – Craft Beer or Not?

Doubtless many of you saw this article or one similar to it. Therein MillerCoors makes a fervid defense of their Blue Moon beers. It comes in response to a statement by the Brewer's Association last year. MillerCoors is upset that it was disqualified, rejected, excommunicated from the ranks of craft breweries as defined by the…