A Glass of Friday – Shiner Blonde by Spoetzel Brewery

Word is that the Spoetzl Brewery, maker of the Shiner line of beers, took some medals at this little beer fest we call the Great American Beer Festival.  Wish I could’ve been there.  That implies that I wasn’t there.  That implication is utterly veracious.

Upon reading that my favorite Texas brewery (for now, since I haven’t really had other Texas beers – what a horrible phrase to have written!  My very knuckles feel cursed after keyboarding such heresy!) won gold medals, I forthwith decided it was time for a series of Friday Glasses featuring the Shiner beers.

Since my last beer was a British blonde it seemed appropriate that this week I should try a Texan blonde.

In Appearance ..
It’s very fizzy, bubbly, champagne-ish.  The yellow is very bright.  The white collar is foamy and bouncy.  Bright and gorgeous and alluring it is.

That Smell …
Just like you’d expect a Texas blonde – a little earthy, slightly harsh.  It’s grain and hops, to be sure, in an odd conflation.  Honestly it’s not that appealing.  It smells like Boddington’s and other innocuous “pub” ales.  Maybe a tad stale?

But The Taste …
It’s light and watery (or ‘aqueous’ if you prefer the descriptor used upon a time by the snobs over at Craft Beer Radio).   Maybe there’s a bit of sugar in that body.  It’s a non-lagered pilsner without the hops.  It’s not bland, so to speak, but it isn’t overly exciting.  That’s, uh, disappointing.  No one wants a non-exciting blonde.

Join Me For A Plate Of …
Creamy potato soup with ham.

The Conclusion of the Matter Is …
Meh.  I can’t stand that word, not sure why.  But, alas, it was so appropriate I used.  It looks pretty good, it’s a better beer than most mainstream artists – uh, beers, but there’s not a whole lot to it.  It’s a fun diversion.  Move along.