Weekend Beer Picks

The need to decompress is upon me.  If there's still Never Go Back, a black IPA, available downtown I shall drink it.  For Beer Sunday I'm thinking kolsch still and maybe a saison.  Hennepin, perhaps or Rare Vos.  So be it.


Another Bonus Post – Old Thoughts on Brewery Ommegang’s Saison

I found some old notes on beers in one of my old notebooks.  I wrote impressions and descriptions as they popped into my head.  Later, I edited them into a more polished review. They made me laugh as I read them again. Since I'm doing "raw" beer notes here, these seemed appropriate. *** Cool bottle…

More Belgian-ness

I was in the mood for Belgian beer again.  I considered Three Philosophers but ended up with Abbey Ale from Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY.  It's 8.5% abv and packaged in a 25 ounce bottle. It's very foamy.  The head is off white and looks like a plaster or that foamy insulation stuff.   Well,…