Old Pricks by Black Bridge Brewery

A malty, complex, stale pint. Gorgeous color, solid flavor, warm and satisfying.


Black Bridge Beer Preview: Hop Tart

Here’s some motivation to participate in the corn hole tournament at Black Bridge: recent winners of the tourney were invited to be collaborators on a new B3 brew. They are designing and brewing a rhubarb pale ale. It shall be a standard American Pale Ale, so we can expect a golden to amber malty body…

Smokin’ Malt

More Sam Adams this weekend.  My wife and I caugt up with some old friends and he'd just bought a Harvestpack and enjoyed a couple of beers from it. My fave was this Rauchbier.  The smoked malt was well balanced; it was pronounced, tasting like charcoal or the burnt edges of a good ribeye, but…