Two Beery Things

Thing 1: Local craft beer adds an element of delectation to the joy of home brewing. During my current session of home brewing a Belgian pale ale I consumed a growler of Black Bridge’s Forbidden Red. Think of it as a slightly drier, thinner version of 80 Shilling, one of my perennial favorites. Forbidden has a malty aroma, appealing white collar and is limpid orange/red in color. Tasty without being distracting, perfect for brewing. Anyway, on to …

Thing 2: A professionally produced Belgian pale will soon be on tap at Black Bridge. It is their seasonal No Pricks Allowed brewed with prickly pear, at least the juice. It is the color of a fresh bruise and seems drier and more tart this time. Also, tasted some cactus and I wasn’t even trying.

And BeerSmith is cool.

Beer recommendations for this week: Belgian Pale Ales.