Weekend Beer Recommendations

For October 6-8, 2017 Here are my recommendations for what you should be drinking.  You do what you want, of course. Homebrew.  If you have it at home it should be your first choice.  Prime your weekend of beer with a brew of your own.  I have Shistory Saison.  It's a very brown saison with…


Beer Journaling

2016 December 21 -somewhere in the desert The Week draws close now; the Week of willing sequestration wherein I will eschew all social things.  Responsibility will be a shadow seeking life at high noon.  I shall be a veritable hermit reveling in silence and nothingness.  Now, family is inviolable so my immediate relations will still…

Weekend Beer Picks

The need to decompress is upon me.  If there's still Never Go Back, a black IPA, available downtown I shall drink it.  For Beer Sunday I'm thinking kolsch still and maybe a saison.  Hennepin, perhaps or Rare Vos.  So be it.