Train Smoke by Black Bridge

Hey, look, I found some beer review notes in my Notes app on my iPad.  No doubt at some point I was going to flesh these out into an actual beer review.  However, I am too busy (read “lazy”) to do that these days.  Plus, beer review are just … passé.  So I will just spew out these unadulterated first impressions of a smoked porter called Train Smoke, found at Black Bridge Brewery.


Been waiting for this one.

No aroma, that’s ok.

Acrid, dry but not enough smoke.  Almost … Milky. Weird.

Did it bring out the redneckians? Apparently.

It’s a Wookie of a beer, chewy.

Love the dry aftertaste.

Caramel as it warms. Grows on you like a growth.

Another session with it: a little more astringent but finally got the smoke. Ok, I don’t know if it’s good smoke. Like the remains of cigar in a casino.

Well, make what you will of that.  I am, personally, slightly scared to try it again.  No, that’s a lie.  I just lied.  On the Internet.  How typical.


Smokin’ Malt




More Sam Adams this weekend.  My wife and I caugt up with some old friends and he’d just bought a Harvestpack and enjoyed a couple of beers from it.

My fave was this Rauchbier.  The smoked malt was well balanced; it was pronounced, tasting like charcoal or the burnt edges of a good ribeye, but complementary.  The hop bitterness and acridness of the smoke provided a fascinating blend of flavor.