Beer Festival Blogging

This weekend there is a beer festival in Boulder City, Nevada.  My wife and I and another couple will be in attendance.  While there, I plan on doing my best to do some "live" blogging.  The posts will be very short.  I expect numerous pictures, too.  We attended this festival last year and it was…

Weekend Beer Pick

I won't write that vogue and ubiquitous line about winter although, in fact, that season is imminent. A strong beer will be needed to offset the wretched chill. Barley wines and old ales are on my mind to accomplish this feat. My preference is for English style barley wines.

The Stout

My dear wife has provided the stout I desired. Sans communication she was able to snag the one I wanted, too. A straight up, no nonsense, adorable stout from Sierra Nevada.

Weekend Beer Picks

Whereas the first six months of this year have passed fugaciously, this week has been interminable. Every day I have looked at the office clock, or the computer clock, or the iPhone clock and have become whelmed with anguish that only an hour has expired instead of the four I had felt. Once the work…