The Session #137 Announcement: German Wheat Beers

IMG_0953On July 6, 2018 this blog will have the pleasure of hosting The Session, or Beer Blogging Friday.   The founders of the event, Jay Brooks and Stan Hieronymous, state that it is “an opportunity once a month for beer bloggers from around the world to get together and write from their own unique perspective on a single topic.”

The topic for July will be:  German Wheat Beers.  I would like to clarify for myself the similarities and dissimilarities of weissbeers, kristall weizen, weizen, hefeweizen, etc.  I’d love to read about the distinctions all you brewers and beer researchers know about regarding the various “styles” of weissbeer, experiences in brewing and drinking the beer, it’s history.  Yeah, whatever you’d like to say about German wheat beers will be great.

Post a link to your essay in a comment to this post or my topical post on July 6. The roundup will be posted that weekend. Thanks to everyone for participating.


The Past Repast

The trip was average and of adequate duration.  Time was spent away from this town, away from secular employment, away from responsibility and I find myself mildly refreshed.  Yes, a vacation was had by my family.  We spent some time with my wife’s sister in Tucson and then we attended a circuit assembly in St George, Utah.  I shall express no regret for my lack of posting on this blog, for the time I have spent away from it and all other things has served me well.   But do not think that I did not taste beer whilst I vacationed.  I did.  And I even have some pictures.  Well, I have two pictures from the actual trip; the other pictures will be taken here, at home, of beers that I purchased while away.

Before that, though, some ketchup … excuse me, I mean, catch up.  On November 19th, I held a party with some friends.  It’s called WarpFest.  In that post, I mentioned several beers.  I never have written anything about them.  About a week or two after that some remodeling work began on our local Kingdom Hall and some of my time was spent on that project and I didn’t really get around to beer stuff.  So it seems like that would be a good place to start this “catch up” process.

As noted in the WarpFest post, we drank some Oaked Arrogant Bastard.

Ah, it’s a beautiful beer, the color of liquid caramel.  It is bold and scary, too.  I enjoy the daredevilry of Stone Brewing but, goodness, this beer is hop-mad.  The oak and vanilla aren’t shy in anyway, either.  It’s a harsh piece of art, a Picasso painted in retina-straining neon colors.  One at a time is about all a person can take.  All I can recall is the harshness.  It’s such a forward beer.

Then there was Jubelale, from Deschutes Brewing.

Doesn’t the glass look lonely?

Lots of head, good color, medium body.  It’s warm and spicy, like a winter beer should be.  I think it’s my least favorite of Deschutes beers.  I don’t care for winter beers.

So, lets mention a couple of beers that I do like a great deal.  First, Full Moon … no, I think I’ll save that for its own post.  I have some notes on it somewhere.  Fine, Breckenridge Vanilla Porter then …

I like porter’s.  They are not too thick and heavy; the best ones have  a lightly roasted flavor and a good creamy head.  This one’s no different, plus there’s vanilla.

Well, this is a classic beer.  The vanilla taste is much more palatable than that in Oaked Arrogant Bastard.  These are hard to put down.  Vanilla soothes the tattered edges of the canvas – er, beer.  Very nicely done.

Next I mentioned Franziskaner Weissbier.  I might have a picture of it, I can’t recall.  It might very well be this one.

I don’t remember much about the beer.  It must not have been splendiferous.  We also had an Arizona brewed wheat beer.  It’s called Fretzy’s.

I wanted to like this beer.  It’s brewed by The Phoenix Ale Brewery (I guess the guy doesn’t like lagers; of course, I think that’s a good call, lagers are hard to accomplish out here in the heat of the desert), a new brewery according to the website.  It’s a wheat beer, another good call for the desert climate.

It had a good, rocky head and a properly cloudy and yellowish body.  But … I don’t know, I was rooting for it but it’s just missing something.  An intangible.  I hope the brewer keeps working at it, though.  Everyone in Phoenix needs to support the brewery.

I think that was about it.  These are all worth trying, even Fretzy’s.  Maybe you’ll have a different opinion about that one than all of us did.