Home Brew Interview: Joe Fellers – Part 2

Here are some additional words from local home brewer, Joe Fellers, from Black Bridge Brewery and the Cartoon Casual podcast. We left off with his experience with yeast culturing.  You can find the first part of the interview here.  Now, read on for Part 2. ***************************************** - So, we’ve talked about beer and cider. What…


Black Bridge and Wine

As difficult as it is for me to accept, not everyone loves beer. Some prefer wine. Well, Kingman’s first and best nano-brewery now offers wine.  It is served alongside the outstanding craft beer. Cheers to all!

Kingman’s Wine Festival

I will shock myself with this statement: Kingman got an event right.  It was the Third Annual Kingman Wine and Food Festival held May 18th at the Firefighters Park over on Detroit Avenue.  Seriously, it was a good time.  It helped that the weather was magnificent, to be sure.  Let me thank the owners of…