Black Bridge Brewery
421 E Beale Street

This is the only place in Kingman to get the true craft beer experience.  Black Bridge brews its own medal-winning beer on site and there is an seasoned staff to guide you if you have questions or need a beer with which to start.  Plus, the place is just cool.  At B3, you can just be.

Hualapai Kwik Stop
2500 Hualapai Mountain Road


Kwik Stop has been in Kingman for many years and it was one of the first places where you could buy bottled craft beers.  There used to be just a walk in cooler in the back of the store with all the beer, plus a few shelves in the store.  They have expanded since Black Bridge opened.  There’s more variety in the coolers, more shelf space and they have a growler fill station.  Black Bridge beers are on tap.

Airway Texaco
3461 E Andy Devine Ave


They also have bottled craft beer and a good growler filling station.  It’s a little easier to access than Kwik Stop since it’s right there at Airway and Andy Devine.

Rickety Cricket / House of Hops
312 E Beale Street


This is a tap house and has a selection of craft beer and also the big industrial beers are also on tap.  If you like the bar scene, that’s what this is.  The brewery is operating now.  That side of the building is called Rickety Cricket.

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